We're a home sharing company that improves the city.

We provide a service that helps you to rent out your home in a responsible, sustainable way and helps you unlock its full potential. We believe that everyone and every city should benefit from the values of home sharing.

We evolve with the rules and regulations, creating a vision not only for tourism, but also for the housing market, ensuring the future of home sharing. Our aim is not to transform more homes into rentable rooms or bed and breakfasts, but to make the homes that are being shared at the moment more valuable. To better use unused space in a way that adds value to the city and lowers the cost of living to the guests, the owner and the city as a whole.

We help our customers to be better hosts and to rent their homes safely, selecting guests who share our beliefs, instead of those just coming here to party at your expense. These are the travellers who choose to stay in the city through home sharing because they want an original experience. We give them options, places to visit away from the known and outside of the city centre.

We’re in constant contact with the municipality and organisations involved, and comply with local rules and regulations to make the concept of home sharing as mutually beneficial as it should be. We realise tourism plays an important role in each city we operate, but we don’t ignore the downsides. Our aim is to make a positive impact, by being open about the challenges of tourism and promoting organizations and the people involved in balancing the city. We want the entire city to benefit from tourism.